Volume 15 (2022)


Clemente Cesarano, William Ramírez, Subuhi Khan

A new class of degenerate Apostol-type Hermite polynomials and applications

pages: 1-10

pages: 11-19

Volume 15, Special Issue SA2022 - Software for Approximation 2022 (2022)

Special Issue

Roberto Cavoretto, Alessandra De Rossi

Software for Approximation 2022 (SA2022)

pages: I-II

Ludovico Bruni Bruno, Ana Alonso Rodríguez, Francesca Rapetti

Computing weights for high order Whitney edge elements

pages: 1-12

Iulia Martina Bulai, Maria Carmela De Bonis, Concetta Laurita, Valeria Sagaria

MatLab Toolbox for the numerical solution of linear Volterra integral equations arising in metastatic tumor growth models

pages: 13-24

Roberto Cavoretto, Alessandra De Rossi, Sandro Lancellotti, Emma Perracchione

Software Implementation of the Partition of Unity Method

pages: 35-46

pages: 66-80

Francesco Dell’Accio, Filomena Di Tommaso, Najoua Siar, Marco Vianello

DISC: an adaptive numerical Differentiator by local polynomial Interpolation on multivariate SCattered data

pages: 81-91

Giacomo Elefante, Alvise Sommariva, Marco Vianello

CQMC: an improved code for low-dimensional Compressed Quasi-MonteCarlo cubature

pages: 92-100

pages: 101-108

pages: 109-140

Volume 15, Special Issue dedicated to Robert Schaback on the occasion of his 75th birthday (2022)

Special Issue

Gudrun Albrecht, CarolinaVittoria Beccari, Lucia Romani

Interpolating sequences of 3D-data with C^2 quintic PH B-spline curves

pages: 1-11

Nursel Çetin, Danilo Costarelli, Mariarosaria Natale, Gianluca Vinti

Nonlinear multivariate sampling Kantorovich operators: quantitative estimates in functional spaces

pages: 12-25

pages: 26-36

Salvatore Cuomo, Alessandra DeRossi, Luca Rizzo, Federica Sica

Reconstruction of volatility surfaces: a first computational study

pages: 37-48

Domenico Mezzanotte, Donatella Occorsio

Compounded Product Integration rules on (0, +∞)

pages: 78-92

Donatella Occorsio, Maria Grazia Russo, Woula Themistoclakis

Filtered integration rules for finite weighted Hilbert transforms II

pages: 93-104

Tomoaki Okayama, Ken’ichiro Tanaka

Yet another DE-Sinc indefinite integration formula

pages: 105-116

pages: 117-124

pages: 125-145