Volume 10 - Special Issue - Dedicated to Annie Cuyt on the occasion of her 60th birthday (2017)

Special Issue

pages: 1-5

pages: 18-24

Elisa Francomano, Frank M. Hilker, Marta Paliaga, Ezio Venturino

An efficient method to reconstruct invariant manifolds of saddle points

pages: 25-30

Peter Junghanns, Robert Kaiser

A numerical approach for a special crack problem

pages: 56-67

Maria Carmela De Bonis, Donatella Occorsio

Numerical methods for hypersingular integrals on the real line

pages: 97-117

pages: 118-127

Mirosław Baran, Leokadia Bialas-Ciez, Raimondo Eggink, Agnieszka Kowalska, Bé la Nagy, Rafał Pierzchała

Selected open problems in polynomial approximation and potential theory

pages: 161-168


Wolfgang Erb, Andreas Weinmann

Approximation methods in MPI