Dolomites Research Week on Approximation (DRWA18) Alba di Canazei (Trento, Italy), September 10-14 2018


A special issue of Vol. 11, on the occasion of prof. Norm Levenberg's 60th anniversary, is in preparation (Guest Editors: Len Bos, Stefano De Marchi, Federico Piazzon).


A special issue of Vol. 12 (2019) will be devoted to the Proceedings of the Workshop "Seminari Padovani di Analisi Numerica - SPAN 2018" (Padua Seminars on Numerical Analysis 2018), Department of Mathematics, University of Padova, May 3-4 2018 (Guest Editors: Enrico Facca, Angeles Martinez Calomardo, Emma Perracchione, Federico Piazzon).